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Trans|Form by Karen Chekerdjian

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Trans|Form is a collection of limited edition objects inspired by the idea of metamophose of functions. Trans|Form invokes liminality, a fluid and malleable situation that throws everything into question, perpetuating change and constant mutation where a dining table becomes a rock formation. The standing objects are in uninterrupted dialogue with their environs, drawing meaning from their surroundings while simultaneously altering their very parameters.

Rock Formation was a custom made bar commissioned by a client which remained incomplete.

Vertical volcanic rocks of the organ Pipe Mountains were deconstructed and reassembled into an angular foundation. Concessions were made and a solid wooden slab became a simple structure top.

What was to be a naturally fluid composition became a bound linear structure. Calling for organic continuity, the customized piece was instinctively revisited and intuitively transformed. Rock Formation became Terra Continens. This piece is made of Solid Mahogany wood, solid Mahogany Fourche wood and copper plated brass mirror finish.

#Table #Metal #Wood

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