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Bloop by Regular Company for Artisan

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The Bloop coffee table defies the paradox of weight and weightlessness, a concept further accentuated by the table’s leg placed off-centre. Its distinctive character is embodied in sculptural fluid transitions between interconnected parts, with soft-rounded edges, and refined, constructive details; a design language applied consistently throughout the entire solid wood furniture range made for Artisan.

The organic joint between the leg and the tabletop reinforces its stability, a design that allows only one slim, vertical element, highlighting the table's sophisticated character.

Crafted from solid wood, Bloop's unconventional form was created by shifting the axis of rotation of its base, leg and top - thus defining the table’s proportions, and giving it a new balance point. The upward-rounded edges of both its base and top are made to appear almost soaring and flowing gracefully between its thin leg, defining Bloop as a sturdy piece with lightweight appearance.

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