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Mod. Collection by Sonia Kalandyk & Anna Pielesz

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Everyone of us has in our homes items which have been always there. Made of high quality materials, they age beautifully. Unfortunately we cannot say so about the contemporary produced ones. This project is a collection of interior design accessories which puts special emphasis on natural materials. Stone, a basis of our solutions and often considered just remains, is a main inspiration of the collection. Tons of stone remains are not processed or utilized in any manner. Taking into account that so much of this noble and beautiful material is wasted, the designers decided to use it in their project.

Six stone modules are the foundation of all our compositions. They can be freely combined with dedicated elements to create various everyday items. Each element combines with stone the same way what allows to change the position or functionality as the user wishes to. The accessories are made of brass, linen and wood. Among them are lamps, candle holders, napkin holders, a mirror and a base for incense. Thanks to an additional module with a curved side they have created glass objects: terrariums for plants and vases.

#Candleholder #Vase #Marble #Glass #Metal

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