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Nera Stool by Monica Förster Design Studio

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Nera Stools are entirely made in solid wood and are characterized by simple and sculptural beauty. They come with several different hand-carved patterns which enhance the stool’s tactility; each carving pattern gives a distinct character to the stool. They are perfect for seating in a lounge setting, but can also be used as side tables or be added as extra seats at a dining table. The stools come in black-stained maple and ash, or oil-finished European walnut.

For the exhibition Beyond Black at JUS during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017, Monica Förster Design Studio designed a special edition of these Nera stools in black, with Sami-inspired embroidery on cushions. This embroidery has a reflective almost glowing surface which creates a contemporary expression to the project.

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