Sèvres by Philippe Apeloig for Le Service Diane

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Philippe Apeloig has developed three motifs: Tourbillon, Galaxie and Straw from typographic elements. He used only the punctuation marks to create abstract compositions. Indeed, bars of vertical or oblique fractions, dots, chips are accumulated, arranged and superimposed, sometimes in different fats and at several angles of inclination. The ensemble forms wefts, movements, effects of light and depth that evoke waves, ripples, gusts of wind, tornadoes, explosive spirals, starry sky, constellations, blades of grass, and even gradients and dispersions.

The design of Philippe Apeloig as stripped and complex is organized around the use of the full and the vacuum but also the volume of the parts of the Diane service. For example, the rhythm of the whirling pattern continues on the back of the plate as if it is caught by a centrifugal force.

The Diane service is made up of five sizes, four plates and one dish. For each of them, the motifs were tailor-made. Which brings unity and pure clarity. The drawings are reproduced in gold on porcelain nude, white, or saturated with the inimitable blue of Sèvres .

Two art printing techniques from the Manufacturer were used. The first allows the transfer of the graphic by photosensitive printing and favors the precision of the pattern "Tourbillon". The second, resulting from a direct engraving, brings a precious density and a material to the "Galaxie" and "Straw" patterns. The result is a smooth, sensual touch that reveals infinite nuances.

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