Little White Lies by Nick Ross

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

The choices made by those who write and disseminate history can become so deep set that once our understanding changes we are still unable to accept them. We choose to curate or direct the past in the way we want it to be seen as it affirms the decisions we make in the present.

This simple but strong object is beautiful, useful, and makes an intriguing comment on the evolution of style and taste.

We now know that ancient Greek sculptures were brightly painted. Yet we have been taught to read pure white marble as a symbol of high culture and classical refinement. Taking this irony as his starting point, history-phile Scottish designer Nick Ross began experimenting with painted marble in his Stockholm studio in 2013.

Little White Lies are a collection of low side tables which are a continuation from the original White Lies console table. Using transparent pigments that highlight the delicate tonal patterns natural to the material, Little White Lies is a limited-edition side table that feels at once timeless and super-contemporary.

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