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Escape by Fernando Mastrangelo

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

This is furniture as escapism. At first glance, you’re transported. Each piece is like a three-dimensional landscape painting - the simple, geometric forms are seamless gradients of tones and textures. The materials impart an ethereal quality. Silica, with its lava-like texture, composes the foreground. Hand-dyed sand is stratified with delicate veins, subtly changing in tone to suggest layers of earth, and distant mountain ranges. Crystalline, almost translucent powdered glass constitutes otherworldly skies and bodies of water.

Anyone familiar with Fernando’s work knows that it not defined by any particular style, but rather a language that extends into eclectic and varied works spanning art, design, and architecture. At the heart is a wild, experimental use of unusual materials to serve a conceptual component, while eliciting a “how’d he do that” effect. But above all, is the pursuit of beauty. Not a subjective, of-the-moment type of beauty, but a timeless materiality: where nature, objects, past, and present aggregate and reconstitute.

Escape’s fantasy horizons are a translation of the perfect compositions existing within nature, in turn harmoniously interpreted with materials inherent to the settings that inspired the pieces. The result is new poetic possibilities for interiors.

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