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VM Desk by Sergey Gotvyansky

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Quite often, we carry the same set of things with us all day, perhaps a notebook, a set of markers, a cell phone, laptop or tablet. We lay them out on the desk in the morning, and gather them back into a bag by the end of the day. For this purpose, the VM Desk is designed with a portable organiser that saves us from unnecessary movements, saves time, and prevents us from leaving important things behind.

The organiser for the desk is essentially a bag that the user can take along anywhere. It is made of leather with two wooden handles and a built-in magnetic closure. While working at the desk, the handles sit like two rails resting on two extended arms at the side of the desk. Everything one needs is at arm’s reach and the bag-organiser can rest in an open or closed state.

The desk itself has a simple folding design. The table legs function like two self-supporting foldable props, on which the tabletop is securely placed via the recesses under the tabletop and fixed by with two screws. When the desk is disassembled, it takes up very little space. It can even be flat-packed to enable ease of transportation.

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