Elemental Collection Lamps by Eser Güngör

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Elemental Collection takes its name from its minimalistic approach in material usage as well as its design forms.

Elemental Collection has a upcycling story behind its luxury products. Eser Güngör in making every piece of the collection uses leftover pieces of brass sheets and black marble. All the material used for these products are collected from industrial sites. The lamps of this collection are:

Arch Pendant Lamp: Lampshade becomes from two single part, upper and lower part, the design of these parts influenced by Ancient Roman Archetype.

Half Moon Pendant Lamp: Half Moon is a lamp shade design bended from a single circular brass sheet with a minimalistic approach. It gets form of half circle after bending.

Cyristal Pendant Lamp: Movement in serenity, purity in finiteness. Triangular shapes formed the lamp shade.

Orbit Pendant Lamp: Orbit forms from processed leftover marble pieces and brass plates. Design influences by pivotal movement of galaxies.

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