VPT&C by Dimitri Bähler

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

These pieces are a range of different volumes with soft and round shapes so that they have the function to be a support for receiving a pattern, a texture through the three different processes.

- digital

- manual, with wood carving tools

- natural, the glaze itself produces textures

At the same time, these shapes, apart from the vase, are castable thanks to a one piece mold. The result is the limit and the essence of what is achievable through these techniques.

The collection contains objects that play with different variations of volumes, patterns, textures and colors, a kind of dictionary. Always close to an essential abstraction, these shapes can be used as pedestals, fruits bowls, vase, pencils / fruits holders.Together, they create a dialogue between functionality and non-functionality, minimalism and decoration, questioning the concept of usefulness in our homes. VPT&C has won the GRAND PRIZE of the Interieur design award competition.

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