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Erosion Collection by Ini  Archibong for Lapicida

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The Erosion Collection demonstrates a new form of craftsmanship through the use of the latest technology. Reflecting Lapicida’s unique approach to stone, the collection was inspired by a dialogue between nature and technology, that has resulted in remarkable statement pieces.

The project, initiated by Lapicida’s Head of Product Development, Paula Henderson, pushes the technical possibilities of the five axis CNC machine. Responding to Lapicida’s brief, designer Ini Archibong explores marble and its relationship with the forces that give it shape, taking the natural eroded formations of stone as inspiration. By replicating this natural erosion process as digital pathways, and by programming specific digital tool paths into the CNC machine, a delicate eroded surface pattern emerged. In using the latest manufacturing processes, Archibong is able to give marble a new contemporary relevance through today’s technology.

#Vase #Marble #Container #Bowls #Platter

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