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Handbags by Candamill

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Candamill is a dynamic fashion label, helmed by Cindy and Cristian Candamill. Candamill interprets their aesthetic as "New Mid-Century" with a lens that finds opulence in simplicity using the finest Italian leathers and materials. Their finished leathers receive water and stain repellent treatment during the tanning process, which protects the grain from the soiling and staining of everyday use. Candamill leathers go through a dying process, that thoroughly penetrates all fibers of the hide, producing deep, vibrant and lasting color. Their many bags include Racer, Truss, Untitled and Arc.

The concept behind the Racer is based on a Racer Snake. The chain resembles the fast and fluid movement of the snake as it enters and exits the brass tubing, adding a richness in movement to the bag while its carried.

One unique feature of Truss is in its 4 panel frame system, which preserves the silhouette, allowing the bag to stand tall.

The untitled was developed as a concept piece to showcase their design language. The hexagonal brass frame, is sandblasted on the exterior and mirror polished on the interior, all before receiving a tedious 3 micron, 14k Rose Gold electroplating. Once the frame is finished, it’s married to the structured leather portion of the bag and held in place by custom screws.

Arc's modern design is ideal for carrying your everyday essentials including your tablet or laptop. Wear it as a shoulder bag, or hold it by it's 14k Rose Gold handle.

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