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Karawane Collection by Pour les Alpes

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

With the objects of the collection Karawane, Pour les Alpes reinterprets the traditional, lost in oblivion straw braiding art and presents it in a contemporary context. The furniture and accessories are oriental in their appearance and rooted in the open-air, making them curious about their cultural background. The designs are inspired by the rich culture of the straw-work of the Aargauer Freiamt, which, in the 19th century, was one of the most important trade centers of straw-braiding in Europe, alongside Florence and Luton.

The collection consists of the stool Rani, the side table Khan, which can be extended by the detachable serving tray Börte, the small serving tray Ahu, as well as the bowl Minu. The furniture falls on by its soft organic form. The bright, massive maple wood is of course connected with the handmade, carefully crafted straw wickerwork from Aargauer Freiamt. Individual colored straws add accents and give the objects a fresh look. The accessories from straw give the urban living space a touch of nature.

The wattle was developed and realized in collaboration with the straw hatter Kurt Wismer from Hägglingen AG.

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