Press Pour Over Brewer by Daniel Kamp

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Part coffee maker, part sculpture. The Press Pour Over Brewer combines elegant form and quality materials with beautiful caffeine. The Press jug and lid are hand cast in solid, heavy porcelain from 3D printed molds, allowing Imperfections from the hand casting and glazing process to make each set unique. The Brewer is paired with the exquisite Gold Cone Dripper by Osaka Coffee.

The Press Brewer’s form is inspired by the way that different components of the set interact during the ritual of making coffee. Each object appears to sink into the next under its own weight.

Reusable pour over drippers are a more sustainable alternative to paper filters and the Japanese-designed Osaka Gold Cone Dripper is the best of them all. The beautiful titanium dripper makes for fuller tasting coffee than paper alternatives, while it’s double-walled mesh filters out all unwanted sediment. The result is a delicious coffee that is soft to taste and soft on the environment.

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