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Crack Vases by Jacky Wu

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Marble + wooden + error made up the overall design and body of Crack Vases. Crack contrary as it may seem, make up beautiful and unique vases.

The timbers used were leftovers in a factory that had cracked during the process of drying, so they were considered as useless material because of the crack. However, the crack was the best part of the timbers for Jacky Wu. It tells the story and shows the power of nature. So he lacquered the crack and machined it as a vase then lacquered the inside after. Thus, the crack became a visual element on the vase. This, turned the defect into a theme of design, could be the example for the concept “Useful brings useless, useless brings usefulness.”

#Vase #Wood #Marble

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