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Revolve by Talia Mukmel

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Much research has been carried out regarding the historical methods of storing water. By examining the material components and design differences of every earthenware remnant, researchers learned more about ancient civilizations regarding their cultural, economic, production and technological values.

The choice to design water bottles resulted from Talia's desire to create an object expressing the spirit of a given historical period combined with a contemporary vision. During the process, she experimented with different techniques in order to find a way by which she could preserve the attributes found in ancient hand work, while utilizing techniques of production based on today’s modern materials.

The bottles presented in this collection are made of plastic. The main challenge of this project was to find the particular material which symbolized modernism and at the same time suggested the appearance and sense of being naturally crafted. After researching and producing different types of plastic, she found that grains of bioplastic (PHA), a manufactured plastic produced from the starch found in corn and sugar cane, would allow her to replicate an object, while preserving the elements of sentimental value in a handcrafted work and the knowledge and attributes of previous generations.


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