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Squared Dryer by JiyounKim Studio

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Hair dryer, Initially invented by Alexandre F. Golefoy in late 19th century, is a device used to speed up drying wet hair. Force and conveniences of the hairdryer are the only elements proclaimed by the countless number of new products released in the market each year. We usually keep our hair dryers most of the time inside the drawer and its cord unorganized. This might be a good chance to reconsider how we store our hair dryers. In this project, they question how the hair dryers suppose to exist in its unused form.

Squared Dryer, without obliterating its functionalities and rationalities of the device, is designed to encompass another core value: a spatially effective way to deposit for keeping. The device can be stored in a visually organized square form with its foldable knob via a rotatable hinge and the electric cord effectively kept inside a translucent case. Of course, combining the case with three different types of gradient color and folded device brings a sculpture like image to its users.


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