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Batucada Collection by Jahara Studio

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The Batucada Collection stands for a percussion beat used in carnival parties. In Brazil, people play instruments made of tins, aluminum pots, and other alternative materials.

Vases, hanging lamps, and trays in different sizes and colors. They are all made of 100% aluminum, anodized in shades of green, blue, grey, purple, red and a golden yellow.

In Brazil, 98% of the aluminum produced is recycled, making it one of the first countries in the world rank of recycling of aluminum. This is chiefly due to a large network of 'catadores' (people who search the trash for recyclable materials). It is cheaper to produce a ton of recycled aluminum then to produce the same amount of new aluminum.

The process highlights the natural imperfections of the objects, and blends in naturally with the hammered surfaces. In this collection, every piece is unique, and yet they all share similar features.

Batucada is a collection of objects hammered and anodised that create a special sort of liquid feel to metal. With this work the designers talk about process and music, as rhythm is the main inspiration for the pieces, by hammering and leaving marks to each object, an unique result shows up in each piece.

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