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Faber- Modern Stoneware by Youngmin Kang

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

We have lots of tools in our daily life and normally use them in the usual way for intended purposes. Sometimes, however, we also use them in different ways. For example, we can use a computer mouse for holding a paper. It may be not the original purpose of the mouse. But in this situation, it does not seem so abnormal. The reason why it is not that much weird is because we already know that the mouse's shape and weights are fit for holding paper pieces. Youngmin began to wonder where current tools' shape came from and how people can use tools instinctually depending on their shapes.

In prehistoric time, natural objects, such as leaves, bones, stones, and claws of animal, would have been used without any particular process. Over time, human have gradually made more sophisticated tools and finally they started to look like we see today.

In this respect, most of the artificial tools have been inspired by the nature. So the initial process of this project was to make some tool forms similar to the natural things.

He made samples by breaking plaster and change them into modern geometric shapes of various sizes. They are made of metal for proper weight and designed to match ordinary desk wares.

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