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Story Collection by Studio Gidoo

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The collection consists of two chairs and a side table. Story collection was inspired by the shape of traditional Korean stone pagoda. Most of Korean stone pagodas were built at temples for the religious reason. It is comprised of a number of stories, and each story has stair-like design. Particularly every story segmentalized in the exquisite proportion brings the visual beauty and its decorative design looks with minimal straight and curved line and even looks graceful.

A lot of time was invested in reinterpreting this classic beauty into a modern one. The three legs of the chair have the stair-shaped stories segmentalized in the appropriate proportion.

When looking at the chair from the front side, vertical layers of the legs, horizontal joinery supporting a seat, and circular section of an upper armrest are suggestive of a pagoda- or tower-like silhouette. And this is also shown from the side.

As the horizontal joinery supporting a seat is projected over the leg line, it brings a cubic effect. Unlike a prevalent wood armchair, armrests of the chair are intentionally thick.

As a result, it gives visual pleasure with unfamiliar proportions and the comfort of supporting one's waist at the same time. Rear leg supporting an armrest is designed to be relatively wide, and this has a formative consistency as well as structural stability. It is geometric straight lines and curves that make these decorative elements not be distracting.

The side table was also designed with an unified design concept. Contrast between maple and black color and stone pagoda-inspired leg design were utilized. The horizontally wide upper plate is supported by a cross-shaped member and four legs.

Two legs out of them which are higher than the others are connected with a bar diagonally traversing across the table. The side table should be easy to move around with a cup of tea for comfortable relaxation. For this reason, the upper bar will be a handle for convenient movement.

All the products are made from maple wood and traditional wood joinery without any ironwork.

Wood joinery ensures better durability than steel joining system.

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