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Aqua Platter by Zaha Hadid Architects

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Inspired by the undulating wave of the London 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre, the Aqua Platter conveys the fluid rhythms of water in motion. The weight of the platter is distributed across three curvilinear points that gently land the platter on a surface, each point lightly infused with color to create a visual effect that simultaneously grounds the Aqua and expresses the fluid forces that define its form. The Aqua Platters are formed from solid acrylic and finished by hand to a transparent quality. The forms are typically free from inclusions and deformation however some elements may be visible due to the hand-finished nature of the product. This piece is a limited edition of 200, and a Certificate of Authenticity is included.

#Tableware #Bowls

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