Particles by Andrea Morgante for Nodus Rugs

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Particles is a hand crafted rug that pays an affectionate tribute to the philosophical work of Gottfried Leibniz, specifically to his theory concerning monads, seen as indivisible fundamental existing entities.

The unique displacement and relative density of these particles informs the perceived universe, and the rug depicts the infinitesimal moment in time where man is portrayed as a precarious and porous assembly of individual particles, evaporating and blending into the surrounding environment.

The rug is a visual manifestation that questions the concept of absolute, indivisible singularity and the relationship of an individual towards their immediate environment.

The same question could be shifted towards a more contemporary definition of society, in light of the recent geo-political events: is the rug depicting an individual or a community of individuals?

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