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Kujira Coffee Table by Studio DUNN

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Between its solid wood laminations, shapely curves, and subtle brass inlays, the Kujira Coffee Table is a finely-tuned centerpiece of balanced proportions.

The design of this table had been inspired by Whale skeletal structures, driftwood, and river stones.

The Kujira (Japanese for ‘whale’) Coffee Table was influenced by both mid-century Danish and Asian design. Traditional solid hardwood construction is incorporated with modern bentwood techniques, including laminations of solid wood to create the planer curves.

The pieces are composed of solid American hardwood sourced from sustainable forests. Each combines expertly machined processes with the art of hand craftsmanship, among them traditional Windsor joinery, hand shaping, hand-sanding, and hand-applied finishes - techniques that serve to extract the wood’s organic beauty and grain characteristics.

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