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Big Top Barware by Youmeus Design

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

The home is the new destination and socialising. Fuelled by the awareness and increased interest in curated dining, the demand for more immersive and adventurous experiences combined with the proliferation of on-demand food delivery services, entertaining at home has become a much easier activity.

Youmeus Design studio developed a home barware collection designed around the narrative 'circus' which brings together art and theatre that aims to shape the way we socialise and entertain.

The collection focuses on both preparation and serving. Made from gold plated stainless steel, the set contains a shaker, strainer, jigger, bottle stop, stirrer and zester. The serving set consists of a tray, glassware, ice cube bowl, tongs, straws and cocktail sticks.

Each piece has been designed to create a magical, poetic and fun experience.

#Tableware #Glassware

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