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Fireplace Accessories by Eldvarm

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Louise didn’t realize it then, but these two things - fire and design - would ignite an interest that would grow into its own niche: fireplace accessories. It’s her way of making the fireplace even more enjoyable. By developing the tools to keep the perfect fire going. To keep the conversation flowing. To keep the ideas growing. To keep that light, like at the end of a midsummer night, shining. So that people can gather together at the end of the day and share their stories. And so it was this, the love for fire and design, that was the beginning of Eldvarm.

The collection includes ultimate and stylish companion set to hold all your fireplace accessories. It includes the classic tools such as wood baskets, tongs as well as brush and shovel. In addition it includes a blow poker which can be used both as a blower to more easily start a fire, as well as to poke and arrange the wood for an optimal wood burning experience.


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