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Ergo Kiwi Cutter by Sean Riley

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

The Ergo Kiwi is an innovative ergonomic cutting tool designed to reduce stress, strain and promote prolonged productivity. The form eliminates the pain and discomfort experienced when force is applied to your index finger. By keeping that joint straight you can work for longer periods of time without interruption. The organic shape of handle allows you to hold it in a way that's most natural for you.

Embedded in the handle is a magnet which allows you to pick blades up off of any surface safely, reducing the risk of injury. The magnet also makes for easy storage. The handle will stick to pretty much any metallic surface (table legs, magnet strips, refrigerators, car doors, etc.). You'll never have to search for your knife again. The latch integrated into the side handle utilizes the prefabricated holes in the blades to lock them in place, preventing the blade from getting stuck in thicker materials. This also makes changing blades quick, easy and safe. No more constant tightening of handle to hold the blade in place. The Ergo Kiwi is a much safer and easy to use precision knife. It’s essentially your hands new best friend.

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