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Fur Rugs Valerio Sommella for Moooi

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Valerio thinks of every project as an opportunity to challenge his idea of design, a constant dialogue between context, users, materials, technologies and beauty. The resulting objects are not chapters of the same book, but short stories, each one with its own plot, characters and finale. His Fur Carpet collection includes six pieces, 3 rugs and 3 broadlooms that combine traditional carpet patterns with a contemporary image definition.


Lilihan, Heriz and Shiraz and are inspired by traditional carpet design of three Iranian Villages from 16th century. New digital technologies merge with these traditional designs to generated extraordinary carpets with a furry and heavenly look and feel.

Each of these carpets represents a unique pattern which was made through precise codes and parameters that printed the perfect combination of colors and knots. The outcome has a fiber density of 500.000 hairs per square meter; a 76 dot per inch print to generate the illusion of walking on soft and fluffy surfaces.



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