REmix by Curro Claret and Ramon Ubeda for BD Barcelona

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

BD Barcelona accumulates obsolete material, but before considering destroying it they have thought of giving it a second chance. Among this material are the hardware designed by Cristian Cirici that were so successful in the eighties of the last century and stopped selling when the company changed course to focus on other markets. "In our current catalog no longer handles or door handles, but unique pieces, then, why not convert his remains into a work of art design?". Stocks end up, inevitably because it is a production in limited edition.

This project has been renamed REmix because it also has something of a remix, such as disco music that became fashionable at the same time that many of those pieces were designed. To carry it out will be the participation of different authors. Already made, Vol. 1 is a limited series of chandeliers designed by Curro Claret, composed of a candelabrum 5 sails (75 units), another 3 candles (225 units), and a ball L (24 units) and another S (42 units), while Vol. 2 consists of dressers developed by Ramon Ubeda along with the technical team of BD. There are three cabinets: Sliding (1 unit), Ball (2 units), Helix (3 units).

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