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DC1601A & DC1601B by Vincenzo De Cotiis

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Progetto Domestico is a path through reinterpreted everyday objects. Contemporary techniques and experimental procedures shape processed materials assembled with recycled parts.

This project of an imaginary home will create possibility of perceiving the signs of everyday life through objects created according to an interpretation which transcends the limits of pure design obsessed with the line; the idea proposed instead is a vision closer to contemporary art.

Visual codes, artistic objects and prototypes characterized by materials worn and deformed by time come to life again in fresh shapes. The recycled materials are treated with experimental procedures with emphasis on industrial uniqueness in which elements conform to the concept of reuse and context replacement.

Leitmotif is the appearance of surface where the new treatment of textures manually achieved on different objects and materials(fiberglass, wax, leather, brass and iron) create a new tactile and visual experience. The visual aspect merges with the material itself through unique pieces produced in strictly limited editions.

#Table #Marble #Metal

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