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Desktop Collection by Poetic Lab for Beyond Object

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The Desktop collection is inspired by the sculptural and architectural languages; this collection includes a tape dispenser, pencil sharpener, a pen pot and a letter opener

Cantili Tape dispenser

Cantili is a tape dispenser with a pared-down, sculptural form abstracted from the everyday tape dispenser. Consisting of a pair of concave circles and a cantilever, its simple and light design is stable enough to be used with single hand.

Funno Pencil Sharpner

The concept of funno is all about rhythm and movement, the fluid mirror surface is almost tempting you to place a pencil inside and twist it. It’s weight also allows you to use this object as a paper weight.

Penpo Desk Organiser

Penpo is not only an ordinary desk organizer, but also a micro architecture built on your desktop. Three tubes of different materials, height and sizes with magnetic joints form a playful combination while providing maximum flexibility. With Penpo, pens, pencils and other desk tools can be tidied with elegance and style.

Lino Letter Opener

Lino is a structured letter knife. The solid knife has been reduced into merely its outline - the only remaining essentiality that defines this object as a knife.

Handmade in stainless steel, the thin, black outline draws a three-dimensional shape in space, creating a void structure that also fulfills the purpose of a proper letter knife. Providing a solid grip, Lino is not only a functional object, but also an art piece that complements your workspace.

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