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Saruyama Island by Toshiyuki Kita for Moroso

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The Saruyama sofa is a revolutionary and unique project has become an icon of contemporary design which is also joined by Saruyama Islands. The first Saruyama, with its geomorphic shape, an extraordinarily lyrical object, is made up of three modules which, joined together, form a large circular island, different one from the other to suggest a free interpretation of seating.

With Saruyama Islands Kita develops and expands the design, combining with the first an “archipelago” of independent islands made up of small seats, a chaise longue and small tables that can live together or independently of each other, at the same time maintaining unchanged the organic aesthetic features and function inherent in the initial design. While Saruyama is intended for large spaces, the islands meet more compact needs. Kita interprets the concept of upholstery in a totally personal way and offers an object that symbolises the union between western and oriental cultures and declares: The freest form, for an even more informal attitude. Saruyama Islands must be small hills and high and low promontories where it is possible to live freely, an organic form encountered by figures from the past.

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