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Slumber Pouf by Aleksandra Gaca for Casalis

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The poufs are made in a three-dimensional elastic fabric and their shapes are highly flexible. They take the form of your body when you sit on them and they spring back to their original shapes when you get up. The fabric feels velvety and soft mainly because of the Kid Mohair. These Slumber poufs and plaids are available in 12 soft natural and fashionable colours and complement the Casalis carpet collection perfectly.

Sit on them and they hug you, stand up and they spring back to their original form. These cute poufs have a striking light/dark texture that remind you of knitting. It is, however, a woven cover. Three dimensional stretch fabrics are in fact the speciality of Aleksandra Gaca. For this cover she chose a caress-soft option in high-quality Kid Mohair, mixed with top quality merino wool. The poufs and matching throws are available in three sizes and in 12 tints, naturals as well as distinctive fashionable shades.

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