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Calligraphy Collection by Iyad Naja

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Inspired from daily life, Iyad Naja’s works are to be perceived as a sensory experience. Whether a table, mirror, lamp, collage, wall calligraphy or even architectural facades, his art, fine and intricate, represents a stage and a single experience in the artist’s life journey. Both decorative and expressive, his pieces focus on revitalizing his heritage. His innovative spirit allows him to celebrate the everyday in the form of high art. Both Micro or macro, design can take place on any canvas.

Iyad Naja seeks inspiration from elaborate cultures and bustling environments to merge the old with the new. He conceives works that communicate beyond the body of materials to create innovative pieces of high art.

#Seats #SideTable #Stool #Table

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