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Unit by Marina Bautier for Stattmann Neue Moebel

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Unit is a solid wood shelving system offering many options for customisation. Characterised by high-quality craftsmanship, simplicity and a broad variety of usages, Unit provides a beautiful space for treasured things and everyday objects.

Two wall ledges form the basis of all Unit products. All other elements are simply plugged into those ledges by means of a clever plug-in connection. The order and positioning of the elements can be changed very easily and any number of times. The shelf gets its stability from the solidity of the material and the precision of the plug-in joints.

Unit is available in the heights 70 and 158 cm. Both variants can be fitted out with shelf boards and a number of functional components: a desktop, a coat rack, as well as different types of drawers and boxes. There are drawer elements with and without interior partitions; the container boxes come with one or two lids and an optional interior partition.

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