Vase with Stone by Martín Azúa

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

A clay vase deformed by the weight of a stone. Craftwork and nature converge in one object without artifice where materials and artisan gestures are equally honest. The project shows the beauty of the objects in an unrefined appearance.

Stones are unique objects that somehow remind us of a landscape. The vases interact with the stone in its plastic stage in order to create a one-of-a kind vase. The vases are signed and numbered and are delivered with the stone that created them. This project is a continuation of a work that Martín Azúa started in 1998 when he left porous ceramic vases in a river to capture the Natural Stain. This time he claims the ability of a natural element to establish a dialogue with a traditional craft. The pieces have been designed by Martín Azúa and produced in collaboration with the ceramist Marc Vidal.

The vases are made with a very porous ceramic which can filter water, they are not designed to contain flowers but as a beautiful item for itself.