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Alce Collection by Chris Hardy for Missana

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

This new collection of unpolluted aesthetics is based on simple lines and rounded shapes, each component of the design is extremely different from the rest, but they complement each other perfectly following Chris Hardy's initial ideas of individuality, simplicity and design customization to create a striking and attractive product. There are two components clearly differentiated in Alce, on the one hand there is the embracing back and seat and on the other hand the unique structure that surrounds the sofa, extremely different and individual elements that as its creator desired make perfect sense together and establish with their interlocutor a fluid conversation. Alce, as elegant as the animal that inspired it, is a comfortable and modern collection suitable for any contract project due to the great variety of different possibilities it offers in sizes, fabrics and metal finishings, a collection of sofas with an extraordinary personality, that clearly will be a break through in the international design panorama.


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