Mechanical Pencils by Modern Fuel Design

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Being obsessed with taking things apart to figure out how they work and because Andrew used a mechanical pencil every day at work, he decided to design one that didn’t reveal how it was put together. With this design, you really have to investigate to find where the pencil breaks apart, the different pieces it is made of and how the parts are held together. This to him as a designer is as intriguing as the pencil itself.

Machining the pencil from one solid piece of metal means that it is incredibly strong and durable. So durable that it will last you a lifetime; every pencil comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The complex and intricate inner workings of a mechanical pencil are difficult and expensive to manufacture, which is why the majority of them are made from plastic. This design uses standard drill sizes and standard stock material to reduce manufacturing costs and has been precisely engineered to be replicated at large numbers while maintaining an extremely high level of quality and a sleek design.

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