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Non Objective Table by Atelier Aveus

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The non-objective tables are a collection of furniture taking inspiration from the suprematist paintings of the early 20th century. Non Objective Table (depending on the model) is made of Lacquered wood volumes, marble, inox, glass and concrete. Each table is a unique composition of materials where large shapes of colours are floating free. The table becomes an abstract piece suggesting the movement of each element in relation to the frame, represented here by the transparent glass table-top.

As for the suprematist paintings, the different elements such as the supporting volumes, the tabletop, and the different daily-life objects brought by the user, offer a multilayered interpretation to the whole piece.

Those layers of colours and shapes, usually flattened in a suprematist painting can be, here, perceptible individually and through different angles.


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