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Ruché Sofa by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

A thick quilted mattress rests on the slim legs of this sofa. The quilting called “Ruché” is distinctive in its use of the cross-hatching of interrupted seams; this technique has long served as a decoration for clothing. The unusual thing about this piece is its solid wood structure, and the traditional element: the quilting, the very heart of Ligne Roset's savoir-faire. Its tall uprights and the undulations of its duvet combine to produce a harmonious union of rigorous straight lines and soft, welcoming curves. Slender and fine, Ruché is nonetheless soft and welcoming.

The Ruché sofa exists in the usual sizes, but is also available as a one-armed sofa, with a table surface integrated in one side of the seat.

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