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Light Forest by Ontwerpduo for &Tradition

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Light Forest is a highly adaptable wall and ceiling lamp system that can be configured in multiple ways, and which can vary in expression from organic and whimsical, to geometric and austere. Light Forest comes in two versions: a ceiling option which can be assembled in four different combinations, and a wall version that can be assembled in two combinations. Its branches are made from extruded aluminium tubes, strong and light, and the lampshades or flowers are spun from copper, which lends a warm glow to the light source. The entire system is coated with a forest green matte lacquer, giving it an aesthetic that can be both industrial and organic, both austere and whimsical, depending on its configuration.

Beyond obstacles and differences in height, over beams and corners, across walls and ceilings: Light Forest crawls into places that other lighting cannot reach. The system’s organic and geometric shapes branch out in every space; in business spaces, restaurants, living rooms, or even kitchens.


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