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Clipped Wing Collection by Simon Ancher

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Simon Ancher decided to focus on something other than his lack of comfort for that ­flight,” he recalls, instead concentrating on the wingtip of the aircraft. The curve in the wing that drew his attention has resulted in a design detail that has taken Ancher to new heights as he progresses beyond his role at UTAS and into a full-­ flight design studio.

The piece that moment inspired is the Clipped Wing stool, the first in what has become an entire range derived from the aesthetics of ­ flight, equally defying logic and gravity. As Brian Parkes, CEO of Adelaide’s Jam Factory, says: “Ancher’s Clipped Wing range has a timeless elegance to it. There’s some very clever joinery concealed behind what seems to be a clean, simple cantilevered plane.” Carrying that angular motif through benches and cabinets, Ancher has created an iconic language, something of a rare feat in the furniture world. It is a language that relies on his skills as a maker and his determination to make a difference.

As a system the clipped wing detail has been used extensively to great success. In a horizontal orientation it is capable of significant load bearing spans from individual stools to benches, desks and tables. In a vertical orientation the clipped wing detail has been used as a highly engaging handle.

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