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Connect by Jungsub Shim from Hongik university

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

This piece “Connect” visualizes in detail the figure of modern people living with connections,

as well as focusing on showing the effect of coincidence when each connection creates a structure with more complexity and variations.

While experimenting with different tools and materials in the starting process, Jungsub turned his eyes into the 3D printer and found PLA-XT filament, which mixed the advantages of PLA and ABS, created by 3doodler and Colorfeb.

Among them, 3doodler, which was made for light users, was the world’s first 3d pen product created by WoobleWorks in 2013. Unlike previous 3D printers, which required complex method of use and high cost, this product allows users to draw in 3 dimensions while keeping the process of ejecting the molten plastic, the main process of FDM 3D printer.

By ejecting the molten plastic and connecting them one by one, the work was produced.

However, after judging that the thickness and the length of the filament cannot support the weight of an average man, he experimented various forms of structure. Truss structure was used because it can support the most force structurally. Jungsub first formed a structure which supports the weight, then after judging that it can support the force tried to pursue the natural and composite texture of connected filaments, creating the coincidental impression.


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