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Molding Plan by Chialing Chang

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Molding Plan is a project focusing on the molding, the common interior ornament used to cover transitions or create added details in household. Traditionally made from solid wood, strips of moldings are with various profiles to create graded shadows. It used to play an essential role in home decor in early days, yet it is currently languished.

Through various manufacturing techniques, Molding Plan rethinks this finishing material and brings out more possibility of it. The outcome are containers, desktop organizers and lights.

Three different kinds of moldings are used in the project in order to reveal the full potential of the material. Depending on varying features of each molding, the architectural details are transformed into functional objects with a purpose. The indigenous arc and the beveled edge initially devised to create a space behind the molding in order to conceal mounting now have contemporary uses.

#DesktopOrganizer #Lighting #Stationery

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