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Battersea by MannMade London

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

MannMade London is a contemporary furniture brand founded by designer Sebastian Mann. Reshaping the notion of Made in Britain with his sharp 20th century forms, this new label demonstrates the marriage of craft and industry.

The Battersea collection consists of 13 pieces - Northcote, Rozel, Howie, Ursula, Savona, Rowena, Alexandra, Rosenau, Banbury, Austin, Foxmore, Henning, Edna ; each product taking their names from the streets of Battersea. London-born, all pieces are handmade to order from their Battersea workshop and includes furniture for every room in the house, from streamlined shelving units and dressing tables to consoles, mirrors and elegant magazine slings.

The designs take inspiration from Sebastian’s background in architecture alongside his love for industrial materials fused with natural wood. There is an emphasis on clean lines, texture and finishes, all of which come from a uniquely architectural standpoint. ‘The aesthetic drive for all of our furniture is refined industrial,’ says Mann.

Featuring simple geometric-inspired shapes and perfectly proportioned legs, the brand’s signature aesthetic combines steel, walnut and ash - with a flash of rose-tinted mirror. They are also one of the first furniture design companies to use Valchromat, a colourful, high-density compressed fibre panel that creates a beautiful contrast against the metal and wood.


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