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Coin by Ferruccio Laviani for Emmemobili

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Created by designer Ferruccio Laviani, the side cabinet consists of two hand-carved wooden pieces that are meant to be attached where you have wall corners.

This rather unusual side cabinet is either supported by a wooden vertical slanted piece passing by the almost horizontal colored piece, creating a x shape, or just directly attached to the two corner walls.

These modern storage unit are designed to open and close softly upon the touch of an automatic switch.On opening, it reveals tiny box-like hollow storage sections to store your tiny gadgets, keys and other personal belongings. Besides being a practical storage unit, this minimalist cabinet can also double up as a home decor object. As it adds decorative touch to the corners of your living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other room where you need extra storage cabinet.

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