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Float by Karim Rashid for Sancal

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Float is a contemporary sofa designed for multiple uses. This slim floating seat with built wall, gives us total privacy in open environments to lie down, hang the scarf and coat, or just wait in the booth provided by your tremendous support. Each Float component (arms, seat, back and headrest) may be selected in a different fabric. There is also a fully uniformed version, upholstered in fabric only.

Float is available in 3 sizes: two sofas with low back and high back sofa. The latter has different configurations; besides arms straight, we can select an inclined arm to lie down on it serves as a couch. Also, the high back, as if it were a wall, can incorporate two hangers. For cushions and headrests Karim has also designed a series of prints called Cairo. The collection is inspired by his native Egypt. Under an extremely contemporary perspective, Karim combines tradition and personal memories, tinged with bright colors and drawings of organic geometry.

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