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Pie chart System by Hierve for H Furniture

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

This is an ingenious modular coffee-table system built fully in solid wood, except the curved sections of the containers, which are plywood. It can be built up from five different units: quarter circle table, quarter circle container, half circle table, half circle container and three quarter circle. The container options gives you space for storage and has a removable lid.

The different modules are all compatible and can be combined together, making almost endless configurations in all. It’s simple, playful and highly versatile. With its nod to the visual arts, the Pie Chart System gives the client licence to be creative, playing with shapes and colours to create different effects within a living space. Even if space is restricted, a simple quarter or half unit would fit the bill, sitting flush beside a sofa or a wall.

As well as oiled solid wood finishes, the Pie Chart System comes in a wide range of stained woods, including white, yellow, deep blue, pale green, deep green, deep red, grey and black.

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