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Welding Wood by CuldeSac

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

CuldeSac have brought back two different production techniques of traditional furniture making (lathe joined wood and steam bentwood) both came in a different period of time, and both are good examples of production technique innovations at that time.

Combining these two methods generated what they have defined as Welding Wood. Where two pieces connect, the section of the wood increases, and once this is done the wood is curved to achieve the structure and functionality.

The lathe work is no longer used just as an aesthetic provider, but it works more as a functionality provider, and that itself generates its own aesthetic.

The result is a sincere and transparent piece that possesses a formal, strong, robust, direct and very recognizable voice.

In making this product there is a new appreciation for antiquated production techniques. They created a skin in the object that allows establishing an ancestral and close relationship.

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