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Da Vetro by Fabrica for Please Do Not Enter

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The collection consists of 22 pieces, designed by seven young, international designers participating in Fabrica’s cross-disciplinary design residency. The pieces convert allusions to human gestures, postures and scale into a series of playfully poetic, utilitarian objects.

In the collection, vases, carafes, domes and containers explore useable design as a social language, often playing with balance and expectation. Entirely made by hand in Italy by the well-known glass blower Massimo Lunardon, each individual piece is numbered and produced in a limited edition of 30.

A truly international collection, Da Vetro reflects the great care and craftsmanship of Italian design, channeled through the creative contemporary visions of Fabrica’s individual designers from France, Scotland, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Japan: Ferréol Babin, Dean Brown, Catarina Carreiras, Federico Floriani, Pascal Hien, Tomomi Maezawa e Giorgia Zanellato.

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