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Debut Collection by Syzygy

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Syzygy is a lifestyle brand offering timeless classic products with a unique character of modernity. Launched at London Design Fair 2016, Syzygy explores the idea of authenticity & memory to create products for everyday living in sync with human life, environment and our ever changing habits. The strategically and meaningfully designed collections lay special focus on authentic high quality materials, production techniques and arresting aesthetics with an honest expression of individuality. Their products are ordinary objects made extraordinary with a sense of familiarity, versatility, adaptability & flexibility. With a heart of supporting an elevated easy living, Syzygy intends to foray into collections of diverse nature with simple yet functional designs that commands trust to furnish all needs of a lifestyle.

The Debut Collection is an assortment of aesthetically viable designs casted in solid brass & copper and finished to highest of quality, for dynamic needs of people.

#Candleholder #Container

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